Only That

Only that I shall always notice when
the birds are flying south
when nature calls them to warmer lands
that I shall always see the spangles
thrown by the sun on to the richness
of the earth
and the earth itself, dark and moist,
and full of the secrets of generations that
have gone before.

Only that I shall always hear the gods
as they whisper nightly in to my dreams
guiding me, telling me,
and finding me warm and welcoming.
that I shall always have you in the recess
of my mind
picking up the splintered peices of many
tumbled castles and breathing in to me
the life breath, the strength to go on.

Only that I shall always find comfort
in the books and pictures that loom my walls
and the incentive to dust and tidy
the neglected caverns of my soul.
that I shall always oh always find
tears in my eyes when I see those myriad
birds again again again
that I should feel those tears
and the sad cold solace of rain
and gentle things.



Posted on 31/07/2011 by Catherine
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