Painted furniture and murals by Catherine Broughton


 mural in a WC room

The charity shop receives a lot of donations that have to be binned because they have limited space and need to be sure any donations will sell. These candle holders were off-white, stained, unattractive and heading for the bin. I painted them red and then put a Christmas design on them. They will now sell, no problem.



  Boring old 1970s cabinet re-painted grey. Shelves backed with different papers.


 all the best people have chickens on the wall of their utility room !

 You’ be amazed what a lot of stuff gets binned when we are sorting donations at the charity shop. We rescue what we can and up-cycle it. These old bits of rubbish re-painted.  I love painting chickens and ducks!


 splash-back for my cooker

old photo frames painted    this old mirror was for sale at the charity shop for … I think it was £5 . Re-painted by yours truly it sold for £15.99


     This lovely 1950s bureau hung around for sale in the shop for ages. It was £20 or so. Painted, it sold for £60 !


    This box was £2. After I’d painted it, it sold for … can’t remember!  £10 or so.



  Coat hooks before and after


My kitchen and other odd bits either in my home or in the charity shop

Grandfather clock before and after

Posted on 08/01/2020 by Catherine
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