I was so capable

I was so capable.                                                                          Catherine Broughton

old couple Guatemala 001

I was so capable then, so alive, so agile.

Nimble over the fine hills of the Downs, up there

Behind where the rain moves in from the sea.

The years have fled, the way they said they would,

And even as I write, they flee.


I was so strong then, so competent, so clever,

Laughing as the waves tossed the foam,

All our lives ahead, you and me.

They said it will fly, fly away, fly

But it seemed to stretch forever, you see.


I was so in love then, so young, so pretty,

We held hands when we danced, smiled when we spoke,

And life was fresh and we were free.

Look at the stones as they roll away,

The stones of youth towards the sea.


I am in love now, my love, my love,

Though we sit with loose skin and touch old hands

And Tiredness won’t let us be.

But I regret nothing, nothing, no,

Though we’re old now, you and me.


Catherine Broughton
Posted on 30/06/2015 by Catherine
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