Your family pet and staying at Rochebonne.

We used to have a Great Dane, George.  He was eleven years old when he died – very old for a ‘Dane!  So we are happy to accept dogs at Rochebonne, but in the cottages  we can do so only during April, May, June, the first week of July, and September.  In cottage 1 and in the Chateau we can take a pet all year round.

Some people don’t like dogs, and some owners are careless.  In peak season we are incredibly busy and just do not have the time to do the extra hoovering and wiping-down (not to mention poo-checking in the grounds), so we will not take them, no matter how much we’d love to.

At Rochebonne ( you will see there is a gate in the back (north) wall.  This leads through to a small woodland which, in turn, leads on either in to the village (straight on) or to fields and woods (sharp right once you hit the village road).

We very much doubt things will change with Brexit. Pet owners will need the usual papers and the usual jabs, but we do not foresee any other changes. And if there are changes they may well not be implemented for many months … if not years … and are unlikely to be anything onerous.   Quarantine will not suddenly return to the UK!  In the improbable event that the EU considers Britain to be an “unlisted third country” after Brexit, there may be more changes than we think …  but I really rather doubt it.

Our local vet is M.Chaumette at 7 rue Frere Jabouille, Marennes 17320 – about 10 mins’ drive away.  He sees British dogs several times a year and is quite used to it.   tel.05 46 85 46 29 for your appointment.

  the vet is called Monsieur Chaumette

There are several others in the area, of course, but most Rochebonne pet owners use this one.

As in the UK most beaches are closed to dogs in peak season. Our nearest dog-walking beach, however, is very close by at Marennes. You will need to go to the northern end of the beach, well away from play areas but amid pine trees and lovely walks along the dunes.  Check the tides – when the tide is out it is muddy. Your dog will love it but you will not!  Nor will we! 🙂

Another good place to walk your dog is under the bridge over to La Tremblade, 10-20 mins by car.  The bridge crosses the river Seudre and, very soon after you are over, you will see somewhere to pull in. There are some pleasant walks along the river there, on the ocean side, not the land side.

And of you are not bothered about the beach, there is mile upon mile of coastal forest, both along the Cote Sauvage and on the island.

We make a charge of 150 euros pw for a pet  which is approx what it would cost you to put them in kennels.  Do please feel free to query the price because we do run special offers off and on all year.


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Posted on 06/02/2019 by Catherine
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