Rochebonne – holiday rentals, France

There are several places called Rochebonne in France. It means “good rock”, and properties built on rock, as is our own, are regularly called Rochebonne.

I have been prompted in to mentioning it because I received the following e-mail last night:

“I have googled you and I see your property is really a ruin and in the south of France, not the west coast as advertised. Please do not contact me again.”

ye gods  !!!!  Some folk beggar belief !! 

To name but a few:-

  Rochebonne in the Ardeche, south-east France

    Rochebonne in the Rhone valley

  Rochebonne, also in the Rhone

 Rochebonne, Brittany

  our own Rochebonne

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Posted on 18/01/2019 by Catherine
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