the Cuckoo

Ah, the first signs of The End of the Winter – today we heard the cuckoo !

A few cuckoo facts:

– there are many types of cuckoo

– most are beige/brown or blue-grey in colour

– they spend most of the year in Africa and from there travel all over Europe, Asia and Australasia

– the female lays 12-22 eggs, all in different nests, usually nests belonging to the pipit or the reed bunting

– although the cuckoo’s eggs look the same as hers, the mother reed bunting or pipit will chuck out about 20% of the cuckoo’s eggs

– the female cuckoo chooses a nest belonging to the same species of bird that she hatched in

– they get their name from their distinctive call (ie their name is onomatopoeic), though in fact not all cuckoos make the well-known distinctive sound, and also it is anyway only the males

– in the UK the tradition used to be that you phone The Times to tell them when you hear the first cuckoo!

– cuckoo spit has nothing to do with cuckoos – it is from insects

– cuckoo’s favourite food is hairy caterpillars

– there is no record of a cuckoo ever being seen in Iceland or being heard in Africa

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Posted on 20/03/2013 by Catherine
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