People in my books: John Manley, an expat in love in Cyprus.

John wanted nothing more than to tend his garden up there in the mountains.  He wanted to learn more about mountain plants, to have a small herb garden, to create cascades of colour that would last all year.  He wanted to spend the spring days weeding and digging, the summer days enjoying and the autumn putting it all away again. Even in the winter he took great pleasure from sweeping up dead leaves and tidying away fallen twigs.

He wanted to pass healthy hours out there, then come in for one of Pia’s wholesome meals.  He wanted to listen to her play the piano for a short half hour, perhaps she would sing, and then make their way to bed where he would love her sturdy, fleshy body.

He loved the smell of coffee brewing in the morning, the smell of the grass when he had just cut it, the look of the kitchen when Pia had cleared away after a meal.  He loved her horrendous choice in wallpaper, not because he truly loved it – he didn’t – but because it was her, so her.  Quiet, easy days. Uncomplicated days.  Lazy days of peace. Peace.

When Stella walked back in to his life after all that time, he was horrified. And overjoyed.  He was furious at her for returning, yet took to her with gusto. He knew she would totally destroy the tranquility he had found, but instead of shunning her he let her in.

The only thing was that Pia must never ever know.


“The Man with Green Fingers” is a novel set in Cyprus and a UK best seller.  You can buy it as an e-book on this site or order it from most leading book  stores and libraries. You can also order it as a paperback or on Kindle here:-

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Posted on 01/07/2013 by Catherine
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