One of my favourite things – flamingos

First and foremost thank you so much to all of you for all your lovely messages asking “where are your blogs?!”   True, unlike me, I haven’t blogged for a few days.  I suppose I’ve had writer’s block or something.  Anyway, here I am again and today’s blog is a continuation of “My Favourite Things”, in this case flamingos, beautiful creatures that I have always loved.  A few facts about flamingos you perhaps didn’t know:

–          They are found in all of the Americas, Africa, Asia and some parts of Europe

–          They grow up to 4’6” tall

–          They weigh up to 9 lbs

–          They live 20-30 years

–          Male and female look the same

–          They lay just the one egg pa in a nest built out of mouthfuls of mud

–          Their wing span is up to 5’

–          They run first in order to take flight

–          There are 6 different species

–          They fly at up to 37 mph and can cover 300 miles

–          They eat with their heads upside down, suck water in and then let it drain out from the back of their beaks when their heads are up again, while a “finger”-type of tongue scoops up edible goods from the mouthful of water.  Clever !

–          They get their pinky colour from crustaceans and algae

–          They have no predators

–          They live in colonies and will not nest unless there are other flamingos around

–          Baby flamingos go in to a nursery, like penguins

–          And I love them!

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Catherine Broughton is a novelist, a poet and an artist.  Her books are available as e-books on this site:-            “A Call from France”          “French Sand”         ”The Man with Green Fingers”        “Saying Nothing”

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Posted on 08/09/2012 by Catherine
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