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Yesterday we went for a walk in the bird sanctuary at Moeze, some fifteen minutes’ drive from us.  It was a lovely bright spring day, a bit on the chilly side in view of the mild weather we have been having, but very pleasant nonetheless.  This is the time of year to see the migrating ducks and geese.  The little islets over the marshes were alive with movement and noise as the various birds, mostly a becasseur of some sort, vied for a place out of the water.

The walk takes you along canals bordered by fields of sheep and dotted with little gates which boasted notices about closing the gate.  There were also a couple of confusing notices in English:

No not allow for a dog even with the leash because it afraid the bird and sheep.


Welcome to the bicycle with in the limit of speed and good sensible.

Jolly good.

The walk starts at a little car park where set off on foot through alley-ways of brush and scrub, probably thick with blackberries in the autumn.  A ten minute stroll, past a small lake and look-out spots brings you to an information centre and some toilets.  There are also picnic tables and I can well imagine it is a lovely spot for a picnic in the summer. From there you can go on around the marshlands, all on hard paths, a really very pleasant walk.

A little further along there is a large hide, complete with more information about birds, and four or five telescopes.  It is all really very well done, quiet, and peaceful.  The total walk from the car park and back is probably about an hour.

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Posted on 03/04/2013 by Catherine
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