What I see from my desk.

Actually, it is the other way round. My desk is up there on the mezzanine that you can see at the back of the picture.  It would be lovely to look out over fields or mountains, but looking out over my living room, which my husband and I built/restored with our own bare hands, is fine.  My desk is just behind that red screen you can see.  It is postioned so that if one of the staff comes to the door, which is a glass door, they can look up to see if I am there – and I can look down to indicate to come in.  Then I can speak to them from where I am, as required.  Just the job!

I do almost all my writing from my desk there, though most of my sketches I do while I am out somewhere.

When I am giving a talk about running one’s own business – whether that is writing a book, running a holiday complex or something sompletely different, I always mention that it is so important to be tidy!  Truly, I cannot work if the place is a mess, or even dusty.  Research shows that people become more active and more positive when their surroundings are pleasant.  So make your work space (and any other space for that matter) as nice as it can be.

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Catherine Broughton is a novelist, a poet and an artist.  She is widely travelled and writes regularly for magazines and blog sites.  Her sketches are on her web site http://turquoisemoon.co.uk .  Her books are available from Amazon and on Kindle, or can be ordered from several leading book stores.


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Catherine Broughton is a novelist, a poet and an artist.  Her books are available as e-books on this site:-

https://payhip.com/b/tEva            “A Call from France”

https://payhip.com/b/OTiQ          “French Sand”

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They are also available on Amazon & Kindle, or can be ordered as paperbacks from most leading book stores and libraries.

Posted on 29/01/2013 by Catherine
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  • Norma Coward

    Hi Catherine,

    Going to bed last night after reading your book, I thought to write about my own sister. At 16 she got involved with a man in his 30’s, married with 2 children. She was a very attractive girl, yes they are just girls. It threw our family in turmoil, my brothers and I tried everything to get her back, because she had just turned 17 the police did not want to know. My mother was broken hearted, I remember her saying ” she was a rose in bud and he has just snapped it off”. I have not seen her since, over 30 yrs. There are men out there who just take what they want because they can. We often wondered what we could have done to prevent it from happening, she was in the wrong place at the wrong time, just like an accident.

    We shouted, raved and threatened, a different approach than you, that did not work either.

    Norma Coward xx


    • Goodness! How traumatic for you all, especially your poor mother. Girls are silly and selfish things sometimes. And never seeing her again – is there no contact at all ? I think I’d have gone mad by now had it been that long for us ….

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