Oh all right I’ll show you my photos …. Namibia

This is a gemsbock, sometimes called an Oryx.  The horns are very good for making bows (as in bows and arrows).  I know because my brother-in-law, who is an archer,  asked us to bring some back from South Africa this year.  The photo only shows a a bit of gemsbok, of course, but you can nonetheless see the burnt-out countryside all around.  End of the dry season.

gemsbok 001 sunset 001


This is the sunset at a place called Bambatsi.  It was terribly hot and there was a bit of a breeze coming up off the valley.  You could see giraffes in the valley, congregating around the remains of an almost-dry water hole.  I was lying down and I couldn’t work out which way up the camera should be.

ostrich 001

This was a lovely sight (though my foot got in the way a bit) of ostriches, zebra, wildebeest etc. all standing swelteringly on the plain.  We got up close and personal to many of these creatures, so perhaps I should have waited till then before taking a photo.

mirror 001


This is the corner of the dressing table mirror in a B & B in Swakopmund.  It was a really nice place – the mirror is aged on purpose – except that the WC was really not very private. This seems to be quite a common theme in German-based places, in Africa at least.  I know a German couple in Belize, actually, and their WC too is not very private – just a net curtain hanging over the doorway.

I’ve got several other nice photos – one of the light switch in a different B & B, and so on, but this will do for today.

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Posted on 12/01/2013 by Catherine
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