Extract from “A Textbook of Hygiene for Teachers in Africa” 1956

EXTRACT FROM “A TEXTBOOK OF HYGIENE FOR TEACHERS IN AFRICA” first published in 1956, then again in 1966 and finally in 1976.  Tragically, the same textbook could be used to this day, 2012.

“From time to time medical officers from the Public Health Authority will conduct special health surveys at your school.  The object is usually to determine the amount of disease there is in the school population.

Some of the diseases are surveyed in this way:

Malaria: blood smear and spleen measurement

Bilharzia (snail worm): urine test

Syphilis: blood test and examination

Tuberculosis: by X-ray and injection

Intestinal worms: examining the faeces

Skin parasites: examining the skin

Malnutrition: general examination

The children’s parents should be informed, though they need not attend unless they wish to.  Your role as the teacher is to help the doctor organize the children and to help him identify the ones who need his most urgent attention.”

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