I did this quick little drawing for a child staying here in one of the cottages, a funny serious little thing by the name of Mathilde.  She five years old. “J‘ai 5 ans”, she told me with all the seriousness of this when one is a child.  She wanted me to draw her a man on a bicycle with his wife behind him and a baby strapped to the mothers back, with a dog running at the side.  Gulp.  This was a bit much for a five-minute job and – now that I think of it – I doubt I have ever drawn a bicycle in my life, let alone covered in the inhabitants of half the country and their dog.  So I suggested a ballet dancer.  I can do ballet dancers. And horses.

Mathilde nodded her agreement to this change in her plans and sat down next to me while I drew this.  Every now and then she gave me instructions as to what I had missed out or what needed to go in – a beautiful feather in her hair (forgot about that), ballet shoes, lots of lace, lipstick (er…).  When I had finished I said to her:

Voila.  Voila une belle dame pour toi!”

As she was frowning slightly I asked:

“Is there anything else I should add, anything missing to the belle dame?”

Yes, she nodded firmly:

“Un bel homme”  !!

(… ask a silly question …)

I photcopied the picture for her and she took it away to colour-in.  She returned barely 2 minutes later.

“But you haven’t finished colouring!” I exclaimed.

Eh, non,” she replied, sighing dramatically, “je suis trop fatiguee …”       !!!!!!!!!

Oh well …. from the mouthes of babes and all that ….

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Posted on 28/03/2013 by Catherine
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