The Prophet

Our children went to school at Pont l’Abbe. One evening, helping Jake with homework, I came to realize that, although it was a privately-run and fee-paying school, they had really very little in the way of illustrated text books for History. So I volunteered to do some sketches. Jake’s teacher would let me know a week in advance what the sketch needed to illustrate, I would scribble it out and send it in to the school with Jake. This one of the prophet is the only one that I kept, presumably used in an RE lesson. The best one, however, is long gone (and long before computers) but sketched according to these instructions (in French of course):-

Post-card size please Madame, because I want to glue it in to the book after the lesson. Clovis has married St Clotilde, who is a Christian. Clovis is not a Christian. St Clotidle wants to convert him to Christianity. But Clovis won’t listen. He thinks about his horses and battles. St Clotilde perseveres and is eventually successful. She becomes an annointed saint and Clovis is grateful to her.

Pardonnez-moi, Monsieur ?! Post-card size ? And all that in one picture ?!!!!

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Posted on 26/09/2011 by Catherine
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