Squirrels, potatoes and tulips. And a grave.

I spotted an item on PINTEREST this morning about how to get rid of un-wanted bugs and pests when you haven’t got the right stuff to hand. Somebody suggested pepper for ants, and pepper again for stopping a cat weeing in the same place – and so on.

It made me remember how squirrels kept digging up the daffodil and tulip bulbs on my father’s grave, years ago. It was quite distressing. We tried all sorts of things – pouring vinegar around the edge of the grave, putting netting over it etc., but nothing worked. I asked around in various gardening shops and hardware shops – but nobody had a solution.

Then in one garden centre an apron-clad lady pointed-out that once the bulbs are well established, the squirrels stop pulling them out.

“Seems as soon as they got roots, them squirrels understand they’s not nuffink to eat,” she said.

“Ah,” I said, “do you suppose the squirrels think they’re nuts then?”

“Cor, no, love,” she replied, nodding fractionally and frowning at her own wisdom, “I think they think them’s potatoes.”

Eh ….?!!


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Posted on 20/07/2012 by Catherine
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