Sex … ? Sex education. Nuns, convents, school days.

For some reason best known to herself my little PA, Charlotte, suddenly asked me this morning how old I was when I first had sex.  Now, I have known Charlotte for many years and we have a really great relationship, so this kind of question doesn’t bother me at all.  In fact it made me launch in to the following story:

One day when I was aged 15, nearly 16, the Headmistress of my school, one Sister Saint Theodore, called me in to her office.

“Catherine,” she said in a very stern and thin-lipped manner, “I hear you have been going out with …. well, with boys ?”

I thought for a moment, trying to find the connection with boys and my impending “A” levels and, deciding that there was none I blurted out the dreadful truth:


Straight to confession, I’ll bet, I thought.  There is clearly a sin of some sort involved in boys and, as I had a lot of brothers I could well imagine what – smelly feet, feet up on the table, socks gone hard with old sweat, acne, long greasy hair … oh yes, I knew all about boys!

“Catherine,” Sister Saint Theodore leant forwards in her chair, “I have to ask you this because it is important.  Are you on the pill?”

The pill ?  She clearly couldn’t mean The Pill – I had heard all about what that was for.

“Well, I take cod liver oil …” I ventured.

“You know perfectly well that is not what I am talking about!” she screeched, and stood up.  I stood up too, thinking I was being dismissed.

“Sit down!” she said more quietly.

“Catherine,” she said again, with a patience that can only be admired,” are you still a virgin?”

“A virgin, sister?”

“Yes, Catherine.  Answer truthfully. God already knows the truth.”

“Well, I don’t think so sister …” I racked my brains.  Surely a nun wouldn’t know anything about those things?  She clearly meant something else. The Virgin was the mother of Jesus.  I wasn’t doing R.E “A” level and had never really paid attention in R.E lessons.  I had gone through a phase of wanting to be a nun, but that phase had ended at least a week ago …

“I’ll ask my mother …?” I said in desperation.

Sister Saint Theodroe stood up quietly and calmly.

“No,” she said, “do not ask your mother, Catherine.  You are a good girl, (well I knew that already). You may go now.”

Those were the days!


(Cover picture – when I was very little some nuns did still wear these extraordinary head-dresses. By the time I was 15, though, they wore more conventional clothing.)

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