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Top 5 Mistakes Expats Make When Shipping Their Belongings to Belize

Moving to a new home can be an exciting event in someone’s life, but if you underestimate the enormous task that moving is, you are going to set yourself up for failure. This is especially true for an expat moving outside of their native country. If you have plans on moving to Belize in the near future, make sure to get in touch with an international auto transport company and a reputable service that can transport household belongings overseas.

How to Transport Personal Possessions with Your Vehicle

Unless you plan on purchasing a car when you arrive to Belize, you will need to rely on the expertise of a veteran international auto transport company to get your vehicle across international waters safely. For an expat moving to Belize, consider enclosed transport. This method is the most expensive way to ship a vehicle out of the country, but it is also the safest way to do so and it is the only way you can transport other belongings inside of your vehicle overseas.

How to Avoid Making Common Mistakes When Moving Overseas

·         Prepare the right documentation- Gather things such as your passport and drivers license so that you can prove your identity to the authorities. If you plan on hiring an international auto transport company you will also need to bring other documents including your visa, driver’s license, proof of insurance, bill of lading, and proof of ownership.

·         Give notice in advance- Before getting your hopes set on a specific ship date, make sure that you give the moving company at least 30 days notice. To properly prepare, you should give yourself at least two months to take inventory of the things in your home.

·         Have leaks repaired- If you do not plan on transporting your vehicle inside of a container, you can have your vehicle transported using the roll on roll off method. Since your vehicle will be secured to the deck of the ship, it will be exposed to the elements. Make sure that if your vehicle is leaking oil or any other fluids that it is repaired before the ship date. This way, you can be sure you will not damage the other cargo and avoid additional fees.

·         Label your boxes- In the midst of a move, things can be quite chaotic. To stay organized, create a specific area where you will be packing your things. Purchase enough labels so that you can keep all of your boxes organized for your move. Consider buying different colored labels for boxes containing fragile items.

·         Hire the right company- Whether it is household moving or auto transport, you can guarantee there are phony companies out there. To be sure you are not dealing with a scam company, do your research. This includes checking to see if their website looks authentic (if they have one at all) reading customer reviews and collecting quotes from at least three different companies.

Dealing with Customs after Your Vehicle Has Been Imported

Whether you are having your car imported to Belize City, Belmopan or San Ignacio, the rules and regulations do not vary. You will need to provide the right documents in order to get the vehicle back into your possession. Regulations do change periodically so make sure you stay up-to-date with the rules and regulations by calling a customs agent directly.

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Benefits of Transporting a Personal Vehicle Overseas

Having your own vehicle overseas to Belize makes transport simple. You can avoid dealing with language barriers and overpaying for crowded, unsanitary public transport options. With a professional auto transport company, you can enjoy the beautiful landscape of Belize in the comfort of your own vehicle which can provide a warm sentimental connection with your home country.

Services provided by an international auto transport company are also much less expensive in comparison to the money it costs to take a taxi to and from work every day. When dealing with a reputable company, they eliminate stress by working closely with customs agents at ports all around the world. If you happen to run into any confusion along the way, contact the agent that scheduled your ship date and they can help you resolve the issue.

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Posted on 19/05/2016 by Catherine
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