Kitten for Chloe. The English in France.

cat 5 001


Bonjour Madame,” said Chloe, aged 6.

Bonjour Chloe,” I replied … and she planted a couple of little bisous on my cheeks, as French childhood good manners dictate.

Papa says that when we get a house of our own he will buy me a kitten,” she announced (but in French, of course).

“That will be nice for you, ” I said, “what will you call it?”

She stuck a finger in her mouth and stared at her feet.

“How do you say chaton in English?” she asked.

“Kitten,” I told her, a chaton is a kitten.”

“Keetenne !” she exclaimed, “that is a really good name, “I shall call it Keetenne !”


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Posted on 30/01/2014 by Catherine
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