God Save the Queen; I am proud to be British.

Today I went to a Jubilee party along with the other British expats living in this part of France. I remember reading somewhere that in an expat situation the British give more parties, celebrate more occasions and organize more outings than any other nation. I have been an expat in one country or another for a large part of my life, and memories of British (or at least English-speaking) gatherings feature heavily in my mind from as far back as when I was a tot (yes, I was once) to … well, to today.

It certainly seems to be the case here. Although the AFA (Association Franco-Anglaise) that I belong to is more-or-less 50% British and 50% French, way over 50% of the events are suggested and/or organized by the British and certainly well over 50% of the attendees at any given function are the British. In fact nearer 90%.

That is perhaps not a fair comparison a) because the French members of AFA are not expatraites in France and b) because the French do not have a Queen over whom to gather, nor a Prince whose wedding they can watch.

And that is precisely what is so wonderful about being British.

God Save The Queen. xx

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Posted on 02/06/2012 by Catherine
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