“The Man with Green Fingers”


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If Greggo had had the good sense to mind his own business he’d still be alive today. Stella kept trying to push him off, but he insisted.


The Man with Green Fingers by Catherine Broughton, is a novel set in Cyprus.  Described by leading critics as “brilliantly written” and “a page-turner”, this novel has little do to with gardening, as one might have supposed, and contains a gripping mixture of mystery, adventure, romance and murder.  Available on Amazon on Kindle, or can be ordered from most leading book stores and libraries.

Catherine Broughton is English, though born in South Africa.  She has travelled a great deal and this is reflected in all her books.  She is also an artist and a poet. More about her and her work on http://turquoisemoon.co.uk

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Posted on 23/05/2013 by Catherine
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