Extract from “The Man With Green Fingers”

That afternoon she drove over to Limassol where she did a big shop at the supermarket called Orphanides.  From there she went in to the old part of the town and sauntered around the lanes, looking at lace and leather, and finally picked out a Versace handbag.  It was ridiculous to buy an Italian handbag in Cyprus, she thought, with a sudden sense of what was appropriate, which was unlike her,  but it had to be said that the Cypriots lacked style.  They produced all sorts of things in leather, good and bad in quality, but few of them had that finesse attributed to the designers of Europe.  This handbag was bright red, just right for the summer.  It meant that she now had perhaps fifteen handbags, but that didn’t matter.  In fact, she reasoned, fifteen handbags was not really very much for a woman with at least forty different outfits    .Her feet were more of a problem for she took a size nine which was big enough by English standards and huge by Cypriot standards.   During the summer she was always able to find flip-flop type shoes that fitted her, and she painted her toe-mails to suit whichever flip-flops she had on; but in the winter she was forced to buy men’s boots and she blessed cowboy boots for that reason.   Out-of-date with the rest of Europe, cowboy boots were in vogue in Cyprus.


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