Daft people and holiday reviews/trip reports.

Did you know that you can get a sort of “badge” for posting lots of reviews ? How can people be so daft ?!! Is seems there is some kind of feel-good factor involved in making your voice heard, even if what you are saying is unfair or even out-and-out untrue.

I remember some friends, Pete & Liz, who stayed in a holiday cottage in St Savinien, announcing WITH PRIDE that they intended sending a letter of complaint because they had found a bit of dried egg on a fish slice. As though it was some kind of DUTY for which they would get a Brownie-point. I told them about the owner – a widower who was elderly and who did his utmost to make the place nice and to keep it clean. And they changed their minds about the complaint.

This kind of silly report has three effects:

– it causes grief, large or small, to the owner who has (one assumes) never ever done anything to harm you
– it is quicker and easier to simply wipe the fish-slice
– it shows how petty you are

People, please remember as you read OR write trip reports that the AIM is to warn people about places that were very bad, or to extol the virtues of places that were very good – NOT to help finance trip report sites (they sell advertising), NOT to “get your back” for whatever gripe you had – and certainly not to earn badges !!

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Posted on 08/08/2012 by Catherine
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