Cycling and hiking when you stay at Rochebonne

There are 3600 kms of cycle paths in the Charentes and 5000 kms of walks, much of it near us at Rochebonne (

More and more people either hire bikes or bring their own, for this area is flat and there are cycle paths criss-crossing the countryside.  You can cycle, almost car-free, all the way from Rochebonne to Royan – and a lot more.

The cycle paths take you through a veritable mosaic of protected green areas, and quaint villages.  Although there are sections where you have to cross a road or circumnavigate a roundabout, the cycle paths are generally very safe, quiet, and meander through some lovely areas.

Take a picnic with you or stop off at one of the little cafe-restaurants you come across.

This is a very historic area, once part of Aquitaine, and then heavily fortified against the English.  Riverside cycle paths, though forests, along the edge of sand dunes and through market places, cycling is great fun. There is a lot to see by bike.

The tourist office will be able to provide you with a cycle path map, also with walking tours that take you through the prettiest and/or most interesting parts of our area.  In French cycle paths are called “veloroutes” or “pistes cyclables”.  For walking ask for “randonnees a pied”.  Most tourist offices have at least one English-speaker of course.

We usually pin up a map in the games room, showing the various circuits – however there is always some clever clogs who removes it to use and doesn’t put it back.  So look on line and/or go in to the tourist offices.

Bike Hire Direct ( will deliver bikes to your door if you prefer to order them in advance of your holiday. It is an English firm, so language is not a problem.  You can also hire them in the village, near the chemist, tel. 0546364038 if you speak French.  A “family package” (2 adults and 2 children) will cost something in the region of 150 euros for 5 days.

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Posted on 10/02/2019 by Catherine
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