India – a few sketches.

unfinished sketch, Rajastan

taj mahal sunset 001   a bit corny, but I couldn’t resist it !

old lady 001  old lady in the market, Jaipur

shrike, India 001  Roufus shrike

moorhen 001 moorhen

Indian man 001

Indian woman 001

cow 2 001 apparently they eat the bullocks but not the cows

cow 3 001

Indian roller 001 Indian roller

indian el with bb 001  babies are always so difficult to draw, especially when they don’t stand still !

spotted deer 001  spotted deer all over the world look up with that “eh ?!” expression

yellow bulbul 001 bulbul

mist taj mahal 001  early morning

woodpecker india 001 woodpecker


Catherine Broughton

Posted on 12/11/2014 by Catherine
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