birds around the world; sketches of birds


robin 2014 001


A few of my quick little sketches, usually done in the car as my husband, Bruce, takes endless – oh, endless!! – photos.  I have a tiny water-colour box and a sketch pad almost always with me.  Because the bird moves, my sketches are always just that – sketches.

little bee eater 001 the Little Bee-eater, East Africa.

peacock 001  peacock, Sri Lanka

pheasant 2  pheasant

jungle fowl 001 guinea fowl, Africa

cockerel 3 001 cockerel 3

humm birds 001 humming birds, Belize

guinea fowl guinea fowl, Namibia

guepier 001 bee-eater, Camargue, France

Giant Kingfisher, Kruger, South Africa 001 giant kingfisher, South Africa

finfoot 001 fin foot, Guatemala

cuckoo 001 (2) cuckoocrested eagle  crested eagle, South Africacockerel 001  le coq! France

bullbull, Africa 2012 001 African bull-bull

blue tit 001 tit, England

blue bird 001 the silly things is, for the life of me, I just cannot remember where I sketched this.  I think it must have been in Belize, or somewhere in Central America.

bird 1 001 white-eye, Sri Lanka

007  wader, France

Caribbean bee eaterbald eagle 001  A bald eagle, sketched in Montana

fairy wren 001  Fairy wren, Guatemala

flycatcher 001  Flycatcher, Mexico

ovenbird 001  ovenbird, Mexico


Catherine Broughton

Posted on 29/06/2014 by Catherine
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